TEDx Women in Drapanos success talks!


I was vert humbled to be asked by Sharon Lawlor-Jackson of ESA, The European Sustainability Academy, to support the ladies in their preparation for their TEDx talks in Crete in December.

The ladies were preparing their talks for 9 weeks together with several other coaches, and I gave them first a session on “The science behind capturing an audience with your story”, then I mentored a few of them until the final days and then I gave them a vlog course.

I love this topic of connecting with your audience on a deeper level. It’s about getting all the listener’s senses activated by the emotive words and the vivid language you use, so they can visualise what you say and really feel your story, rather than just hearing it. There are loads of tests being done on this, both blood tests and brain scans and the reason we see a transformation of the sales process on Social media, from cold selling to story telling – this is all due to having proof that it works. People buy more when hearing authentic stories than when they’re being sold to.

I was absolutely blown away by these TEDx talks. The ladies all gave perfect deliveries and the crowd was in tears during many of them. The room was absolutely silent during the talks, apart from a raging storm and pouring rain outside. The power actually went already on the rehearsal day, and I was secretly hoping this would be the first TEDx talk under candle lights, but Sharon got hold of a massive generator, fit for a Glastonbury festival, and it kept us going throughout the whole weekend.

I felt blessed being in a room with so much goodwill, kindness and drive towards change. The passion was tangible and I can’t wait to see these ladies’ stories spreading out to the world when they go live on YouTube in the spring. Because women deserve a voice, and we deserve to make a living from what we are passionate about!


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