How to be more powerful, physically and mentally

How to be powerfulHey ladies – who’s feeling powered up for the winter? 💪🏻
I am so powered up and feeling great after just one session with my new Personal Trainer! He’s 13 and lives in the room next to mine, he’s a fitness freak and he’s really good at cracking the whip. Last Saturday we drove all the way up to north London to collect a massive weightlifting kit, so his room is now like a gym and is soon to smell of sweat and teenage boy’s hormones.
Powering up your body will power up your mind too, I feel horrible when I’m not moving and my head really slows down. I’ve had enough of feeling sluggish and I’m now taking the power. Of myself. I want to have clarity on my business and be able to give as much as possible to my clients and members, plus I’m off on quite a big trip to Africa in December and I want to have the energy and strength to cope with the climate and make the most of all.
“I love a good challenge!” my son said a dark cold morning in the beginning of November, “bring on the English winter!” No need to mention how much I love him…
Every day can feel like a challenge during the winter in the northern hemisphere, when it’s getting darker and darker and you’re grinding ahead. Especially if you’re working without support and no one to spur you along. It’s important to get out and meet other likeminded people, have power sessions together with a business friend and to get fresh air for your mind and also to move your body.
I’ve go a new PT in business too, and this is something I’d say is the best investment you can do as a business owner. Even a few sessions with a business coach or mentor can really help you power up your structure, and although you don’t get the full answers, you get asked the right questions, and motivation to move along in the right direction.
You need to find the right person for you, who’s got the right expertise for your line of business and what you need help with. When I started The Vlog Academy I needed help with figuring out what courses I should offer at what prices. The business coach I worked with kicked me into the right direction and really helped me to get clarity on where my focus should be. Now I need help streamlining my business to make sure I spend my time where it matters.
Doing the mastermind programme with Suzanne Dibble was priceless and working with a group of such hyper intelligent women felt like a real honour. It structured my whole setup and also really made me understand what was possible, gave me self-confidence to go out as an “Expert” and brought my business to a much much better place.
I’ve never been someone who wants power over anyone else, but I really do want to have power over myself, my health, my business and my mind.
So do get help. Get a PT for your mind and body, you don’t need to run it alone, that’s too hard for anyone.

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