Only you can make it happen


I grew up in a family where you did things when you were told to do them. Other than that, I did as little as I could, apart from climbing trees. At school, teachers told us what to do all the time, and even then, I did as little as I could, apart from climbing trees.

When I started working, I landed myself with some of the most hardcore bosses I’ve ever met. I was a production secretary and a casting assistant, task lists were my life lines, there were no trees to be climbed, you were stuck by the desk and god forbid you had a will of your own.

Many of us women grew up like that and we didn’t question what we were told until later. Much later. We do as we’re told. We’ve learnt by good parents to be polite, appreciative ladies who never say no, we agree, not to be rude. It’s shocking how this upbringing can destroy a woman, limit her possibilities to grow, and more than anything, prevent her from taking her own initiatives.

Then we get married; press repeat. We do what They want. Not because men want that, but because we think they do. So we end up not taking any initiatives, waiting to be told what we should do, while they go golfing, play tennis, hang at the pub, wondering why their wife back home is doing nothing. Because we feel we need to ask permission, or get initiated by someone else.

Now you’re trying to set up your own business. You’ve got your vision, you know what you want to do, you’re getting it all together, and then you’re getting more stuff together, than a few more plans and ideas and then you go back to shift a few things that went out of date and then you work on that and then there’s a few more things that you’re just waiting for to come into place and then you’re……

Just waiting for someone to say “go”?

Unfortunately, most of the time there is no one to sign off on our work. No one’s going to turn up and say “Go, lady, you’re ready now, go!”. We’ve got to say it to ourselves. We’ve got to take action, get going and get out there. We need to press play. Not rewind. We need to make it happen.

And only you can make it happen.



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