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Welcome to EYE STORM!

The site for passionate business women who want to make an impact!

How can you become more visible as a female entrepreneur and place yourself as the go-to expert in your field? 

I’m Mi Elfverson, creator of EYE STORM. I’m the founder of The Vlog Academy, a vlog coach, video producer, photographer and a human being in my own right and wrong. 


You’re working hard, you know your job, you have good clients, but you know you could BE more – without having to work more.

Stepping up to position yourself as an expert in your field doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, thanks to video and social media, it’s very very possible.

Eye Storm is my visibility training site just for women who want to grow their business.

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TRAINING: Online training in vlogging, photography and social medial visibility

I’ve trained thousands of people in videoblogging and have now created a variety of online courses for you to learn more about online visibility, video and photography.

There’s also the Eye Storm training programme, where you get to hang out with some very awesome women who all want to get more confident and learn how to grow their business.


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EYE STORM is a safe harbour in the eye of the raging social media storm. A place where you can find calm and confidence, learn how to harness the power of social media, so you can take your audience by storm.

Gain confidence, find clarity and create a deeper connection through your visual content.

It doesn’t matter what you do, anyone can grow their business online now. If you’re a coach, a designer, a chocolatier or an artist, you are often your own personal brand and product, and you need to show what you stand for to be able to gain recognition.

I want to help you get out there and sell your services in a softer way, making more money without having to work longer hours. Create more flexibility and free-time, reduce stress and reach your goals quicker by showing up in a stronger, more consistent way.

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Knowing your core values and goals will make it so much easier for you to feel more confident and go out with a stronger voice, sharing your passion for what you do.

Having clarity on what you need to do and a structure to follow will help you get to your goals quicker.


It’s about daring to show what you’re passionate about, making the most of what you have, claiming your space and getting to know your own wishes for how you want to run you business. When we feel more happy within ourselves, we’re going to come out healthier, stronger and more attractive to other people around us.


Learning how to connect on a deeper level with your prospective and current clients will create a stronger connection and build up a larger more attentive audience.

I herewith invite you on my journey. I’ll share inspirational interviews with other women in business and I’ll also offer you a space behind the scenes of my shoots so you can learn more about how easy it can be to take your own product photos with your smartphone and how you can start vlogging to enhance your online visibility.

EYE STORM is about growing your confidence, taking charge of your business and getting out there to show that you are the expert you really are.


To read the blogs: BLOG

To learn about vlogging and photography: TRAINING


Many of the portraits of me have been taken by the wonderful photographer EMMA CROMAN 

I hope you’ll make the most of this space and that you’ll enjoy being part of EYE STORM!